Albuquerque Auto Services

Don Brown Parts and Automotive Inc. services all makes and all models of vehicles in the Albuquerque area. Our complete, full service operations cover: Engine Performance and Diagnostics, Failed Emission Repairs, Electrical, Tune Ups, Brakes, Air Conditioning, Tire Services, Wheel Alignment, Suspension, Transmission, Factory Schedule Maintenance, Drive train, Clutch Repair, Exhaust, Carburetors, Fuel Injection Systems, Performance and Custom, Classic Car repairs, and much much more.

Our Albuquerque car repair shops are able to digitally graph and record up to 8 electrical signals at one time. We pinpoint the initial cause of a engine performance failure, and we can measure exhaust gases so we can see how clean exhaust is and how efficiently your car's engine is performing. By tapping into the ignition system, we gain precise graphing of individual cylinders to determine which component is causing the misfire.

The Hunter GSP9700 tire balancer measures radial and lateral tire forces and provides instructions for solving ride and handling problems such as tire pull and wheel vibration that traditional balancers and wheel aligners cannot fix.

Our Pro Cut, on the car brake lathe can match your front brake rotors true to the mounting hub. This eliminates all lateral run-out (also known as wobble or vibration) Which in turn allows for better braking performance and longer brake pad life. Pro-Cut’s on-car brake lathes are a required piece of equipment for every Ford, GM, Subaru, and Nissan dealer and highly recommended by virtually every other OEM in the world. OEM’s know that matching the rotor to the hub with a Pro-Cut on-car lathe is the only way to make sure that brake problems are fixed the first time.

All work is guaranteed with a 24 month/24,000 mile NATIONWIDE warranty that include Parts AND Labor. So you can feel comfortable knowing that your repairs are covered where ever you might be. We also honor most second party warranty contracts. Call today and inquire about our many services!